Proudly Cornish

Our Story

We are a Cornish Company who aim to provide the highest quality products. We are passionate about everything we build to ensure durability and quality of our Cornish products that withstand the harsh extremes of the Cornish weather.
Proud Cornish craftsmanship

Passionately Cornish

Teamed with our stringent quality standards our Cornish craftsmanship and our can do attitude, we believe we build the highest quality buildings on the market. We also offer value for money to ensure you gain the most from your investment whether this is a commercial purchase or a home garden project.

Inovva was born out of frustration, owning our own holiday home company in West Cornwall we decided to order Pods and Buildings for our holiday retreat to increase our revenue. We viewed so many and travelled the country from ones sold in Cornwall ; which were made in the Baltics and imported which were of very poor quality.

These would never in our opinion withstand the Cornish weather let alone last long enough to be an asset worth anything once the 4 yr lease was paid off. To pods and buildings made in Scotland. We were still frustrated by either the build quality or the price. This led us to design and build these ourselves right here in Cornwall. 

From our building and restoration team that are also carrying out our own restoration projects on properties around Cornwall  we have cherry picked some of the best trades who understand the quality we require and the finish we aim for. We don’t want to put our name and reputation to anything else. The finished product must be one to be proud of.

We now make beautiful pods, shepherds huts and garden rooms, made with care and attention to detail using the best quality materials and highly skilled staff. Each one of our pod designs can be tailored to your exact requirements, fitting perfectly with the needs of your business, family or lifestyle. From the initial design to full realisation our friendly team will work closely with you to create the unique space you’ve always wanted.